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A leading company dealing in a wide variety of Cultivators, Spade, Shovel, Garden Tools, Lawn Mower, etc.....

About Us

The garden tools used by gardeners today have their origin in the earliest wood, flint and bone agricultural implements. The development in metal working and later the industrialization revolutionized the production process and enabled men to produce durable and advanced garden equipments. The first power tool to become popular with gardeners was the lawn mower.

Perfect Agro Industries was established in 1986 and since then we have been a major presence in India's agricultural/gardening equipments industry with a tradition of technological leadership, achieved through tie-ups with international technology leaders and through vigorous in-house R&D. We are an eminent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a wide range of gardening equipments such as Garden Tools, Lawn Mower, Prong Cultivator, Draw Hoe, Hoe Fork, Border Fork, Hay Fork, Border Spade, Digging Spade, Spade Shovel, Post Hole Shovel, Shovel Spade, 3 Prong Cultivator Weeder, Hi Neck Shovel, Ashphalt Rake, Revitted Rake, Trowel, Square Blade, Digging Fork, Shifter Fork, Leaf Rake, Nail Puller, Adjustable Shelve, etc.

Access to technology has enabled us to set a tradition to be the best in the industry. Be it gardening tools or lawn mowers, we have innovated all these concepts. Responding to the field conditions and practices in gardening, agriculture and horticulture, the company made its products strong, engineering them with extra metallic muscles. Designing durable lawn mowers and other garden tools that make economic sense to the consumer, using appropriate technology, is our philosophy which in turn has moulded consumer attitudes and brand personality.

We have a vast customer base spread across the globe- Hero Group, Rico Auto India being some of our major clients. The export percentage of 100% is a testimony to the superior quality of our lawn mowers and other garden tools. Our company is a member of the prestigious Engineering Export Promotion Council of India (EEPC).

Product Range

Perfect Agro Industries is a distinguished manufacturer, exporter and supplier of the following gardening products:-

Prong Cultivator

Draw Hoe

Hoe Fork

Border Fork

Hay Fork

Border Spade

Digging Spade

Spade Shovel

Post Hole Shovel

Shovel Spade

3 Prong Cultivator Weeder

Hi Neck Shovel

Ashphalt Rake

Revitted Rake


Square Blade

Digging Fork

Shifter Fork

Leaf Rake

Nail Puller

Adjustable Shelve Double Base

Wrecking Bars

Garden Claw

Grass Chopper

Hand Fork

Hand Towel

Hand Transplanter

Mutt Head

Snow Puller

Snow Scraper

Soil Mixer

Sunken Eye Hoe


Adjustable Shelve Single Base

Fencing Pin

Ground Plate

L Bracket

Point Board Chisel

Pole Drill

Reverse Bracket

Multipurpose Sharp Edge Hoe

Hand Cultivator

Dutch Hoe

Earth Drill

Edging Knife

Steel Clamp

Lawn Mower

Our lawn mower, fencing pins, cultivators and other garden tools find wide applications in agriculture, horticulture, gardening and in related fields. Thus our goods have a deep and far-reaching impact on society, the national economy and the environment.