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Quality Assurance

Perfect Agro Industries' holistic and wide quality approach integrates multiple quality processes. Our processes are structured around quality - our process documentation and consulting systems ensure that we have everything on record, our automation tools automate the complete product management or engineering process, we have built the necessary quality orientation and our visibility tools help monitor projects on a real-time basis and ensure that the customer is never out of touch.

We procure premium quality raw materials such as the requisite carbon steel, mild steel, aluminum and plastics from reliable vendors which ensures premium quality products. Our company has appointed an Ombudsman to deal with any references, complaints or grievances about the products.


To offer world-class technology that is relevant and affordable to the customer is the philosophy that drives us towards perfection at Perfect Agro Industries. A modern infrastructure has translated this philosophy time and again into products that seamlessly integrate international technology with customized needs. The immediate priorities of our company has been to pro-actively address safety and environmental issues, harness and adopt technologies that provide value to the customer in an atmosphere enabling creativity and innovation.

Ruggedness and longevity are a prime customer concern, as they directly impact earnings. Ever conscious of this a team of dedicated professionals make extensive use of a modern CAD set-up and  a comprehensive testing system (comprising of accelerated fatigue testing and rigorous durability testing) in order to ensure that there is a constant improvement in the life and performance of every make of our company.